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I will be heading over to the Anchorage in Orleans on Friday afternoon by 4:00 to register the group, put some beer on ice & take a few casts.

Directions to the Anchorage are available on
the Spring Striper Conclave INFO page.

Make plans for Saturday to make sure everyone gets to fish where they want to.

** Anyone interested in bringing some appetizers/ chips, etc... please do.

Finalize barbecue plans for Saturday night.

Tie/ dress some flies, tell some lies, drink some beer.

After tonight I will be trying to access the Forum via laptop from the Cape, unsure of the connectivity I will get so anything you want me to address, before I leave tonight, post it here or send an email.

Let's rip some lips!*


roopco TM, strictly endorses catch & release, I acknowledges that I am no where as funny as I thinks I am.

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Roop, will Saturday night be Formal... I will need to pick up my Tux from the cleaners.(Where's the little winking guy). I will also have a lap top with me and will bring some horse divers for snacks.
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