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Spring Clave 2.0

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Wow - what are we up to now for attendees? 30??

We're going to have our hands full with choices of places to fish combined with some strong scouting this weekend and next Friday, the full frontal attack on Saturday & Sunday of next week will hopefully have EVERYONE into fish.

As a confirmation but no surprise to anyone, these are the preliminary plans:

Friday: Scouting by early arrivals. I will get an initial contact sheet out to everyone this week with a final to be sent out by Thursday AM next week.

Friday Night:
Meet in Orleans for fly tying, beverages, pizza or dinner on your own.

1. Try to break up the day into two periods, flood tide & falling tide. Our goal is to organize several groups to target the most productive areas and/ or to show areas to those who have less experience on the cape. Stay in contact via cell & move as needed. Have the groups shift to another area for the changing tides. Theoretically, this would allow a newbie to experience 4 different areas or more over the weekend.

Casting lessons for those interested by a special guest & friend of the forum.

Saturday Evening: Barbecue in Orleans or dinner out?
I'll include a mini-questionnaire in an e-mail to all attendees this week.

Beverages & fly tying afterwards, of course.

It's up to the survivors.

As mentioned, I'll be sending out an e-mail to all registered participants, hopefully tonight to get your feedback on the format.

Please post any thought or suggestions. In addition, I'll put together the responses to my e-mail and let you know where we stand ASAP.

Thanks guys, I'm really looking forward to this gathering.

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Roop, don't forget.. I will have sandwiches and other food , Coffee, etc on Sunday starting at noon, for the guys starting to head out. This will be at CAC
Sounds great Jeff I can hardly wait!

Of course we will get into great detail on the four main fishing areas (mostly offline) as the time arrives.

Some of the spots are very dependent on tide stage whereas others are good through the transitions. We want to have people who know spots be available to help others who may not be familiar, for success and safety.

Obviously the Rip Ryder shuttle to the bathtub is on the agenda. Other flats, river mouths and inlets are as well - and of course some people will probably free-form as well. All in good fun.

Looks like we are going to be right in the crosshairs for a bass and blues invasion! YEEEHAH!
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