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Spey Line Contest

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First photo of a 2001 native steelhead from today till the closer over 15 pounds wins a Rio Spey line of your choice. Obviously (goes without saying) the fish must be caught on a fly by a member and released. I will post the details tomorrow. Must be registered on this board prior to the catch to win! Must get "judges" to agree on weight, no actual weighing required (or desired). (the yay/nay is just for fun)... ready set GO!

Volunteer judges wanted!
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Well I guess I better get out there if I want to defend my title. Hmmmm, mid-spey or accelerator?

Fly caught only, eh? Guess I will have to drag my bug rod with me the next I head up to the river. :)
Over 15 pounds huh? Those are hard to come by. A new line would mean another rod. Of course a new reel for the new rod for the new line. If I win my wife will probably hunt you down.
Is this the Oregon closer? ooops our fish are smaller but are season isn't closing (this year). Wow, 15lbs thats a lotta fish south of the border.

OK -

12 pounds.

We do have some larger fish however, I guess one must be able to fish before acutally getting into one. Late two years ago Brian and I floated though the sea of suckers, then the waters parted as large steelhead that was so bright it appeared to be lite from the inside. We were fortunite it was an unusual day for the NW as we had placed the shades otherwise blindness(?) Anyway maybe I'll take a day off

Hey Andre,

Remember us discussing how we weren't sure we wanted to hook that fish on our 8150s? Big ~Bright~ chrome submarine - would easily have been 15lbs and probably bigger!

As for the line contest, the Sandy might just be the place to be! I've heard a few good reports of late from down there and not many from up here.



Low and gin is also the word down this way. Juro to give you an idea of how low everything is the Cow is flowing 11.07 (vis about 1-2ft). The only issue there is no fish, even the guides are complaining about the lack of two salts. Who knows near record summer run, disappointing winter returns. Weather related? They still have to get to the gravel (so to speak).

I rememebr that fish well still with out question the brightest looking fish I've seen in the water.

The Skagit is flowing at 8,730 ft³/s normal is 18,100 at the Mt. Vernon gauge. NO WATER! You can almost walk across the Skagit River under the Riverside bridge between Mt. Vernon and Burlington. I have never seen the river this low before. The only good thing about this is it tends to concentrate the fish.
Okay, guys, I think I have a winner. Got a really nice fish today, 38"X 22" HEN (!), while testing out the new Sage 9140. Yes, a hen. First one I've ever seen that big. Now, if the pictures come out (I was by myself, so no "grip 'n' grin") and I can figure out how to post 'em, you can see her in the next day or two. I was supposed to send the rod back to Sage this week, but I wanted to test drive it one more time...guess there's no more excuses now.


That's one hell of a hen dude! Congrats. Just email me the image and I will do the rest.

Can't wait!

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