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With all the Spey talent out there I was wondering if we could get a list of various Spey casts on a single thread here.. maybe it will get me out to practice more often:

I'll start with the basics:

Switch cast

Single Spey
Reverse Single Spey
Double Spey
Reverse Double Spey

Snap tee
Reverse snap tee

Spiral roll
Reverse spiral roll?

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With the exception of the spiral roll ( a cast I am anxious to learn) that exhausts my quiver of casts. I do have a couple variations on the double spey that I use from time to time.

First, a cast I call the Double Clutch which is handy on those occasions where your setup places the fly too far upriver for a safe forward stroke. When this happens, rather than let the current take the line all the way back taught, simply do the following. Bring the rod downstream and up into the firing position as you normally would. From the firing position, reverse the rod down and back upstream as if doing a reverse double spey. Once upstream, repeat the downstream swipe and fire. For whatever reason, this is an especially powerful cast with the load on the rod increasing throughout the convoluted casting stroke. Because of this, I sometimes use this when I need to make a longer than normal cast.

The second variation I don't have a name for but use when my backcast is very limited. It consists of setting up the fly further downstream (rather than off your downstream shoulder), resulting in a much longer anchor and then noticeably accelerating the downstream sweep so that the loop folds out more down the line than behind you. The forward spey then kisses the line out as in a conventional spey. This is a less dynamic cast than the conventional double and as such restricts your distance. It also works much better with a floater than a heavy tip but can be made to work with the latter by further accelerating the sweep.


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From river right..

Double spey
reverse single spey
spiral roll
reverse snap t/ circleor clock cast
contrived loop
reverse spiral double spey
reverse spiral single spey

from river left

single spey
reverse spiral roll
reverse double spey
snap tee
perry poke

I am sure there are others

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All sorts of spey casts for different conditions, full dry lines, tips, sinking heads, etc. But if a guy/gal was to only have three they could do well it would be the good 'ol single and double spey cast .... and the snake roll (which pretty much surplants the single spey.

Others like the snap T or circle require a higher degree of timing, rod loading, etc., but the snake is simple, to the point and will really bullit out a line with a minimum of fuss. Basic action of the snake is (face down stream, rod tip also aimed down stream at water level), and with an increasing amount of power as you go through the stroke, raise the rod tip, and draw the 'number' 9 (flat 'o' at the top) and follow through with your forward cast. 90 or more degree change in direction and Boom and Gone.
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