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Spey cast animation

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Got this url from the salar list. Very well made animation of single and double spey casts. Enjoy.

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Cool! Tom's site has some very spoofy bait vs. fly material too.

Have you seen the mpeg clip of Dec Hogan making the reverse snap-tee on Dana Sturn's Spey Pages site?

The videos are under casting videos... a must see.
I resemble that first cast! Pretty neat that reverse snap T. Looks like a double double spey and he does it over the opposite shoulder. Depending on which way the current goes I sometimes try to change hands (grip) so as to avoid the single spey. I don't find it so foreign to have my left hand up (like a lefty).
According to instructors, a good Spey caster learns all casts from all sides. I was off to a good start when I lived out there by paying attention to the left side as well as the right side. Funny how when I go back there I see how much more advanced everybody gets during the year that lapses between visits. (the majority of my two-handed casting during that year ends up being overhand casting in saltwater). The PNW guys on this board include some very proficient Spey casters. In fact some of the best on the river.

My logic behind a decision to single Spey cast or opposite hand double Spey, etc is driven by the surrounding factors. Wind - upriver or down? Presentation - cross stream or down and across? Clearance - tight to the bank or plenty of room? Distance - screw the wind and go with my best cast, or even overhand it with a false cast.

When I fish alone, I like to work on the casts that I am least proficient at to try to bring them up to speed. Someday I hope to have no "best cast" and no "insufficient" Spey casts, so that just the conditions control what I do from both sides. Not there yet!
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