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5/23 Report
We started off slow today and had to wait for the incoming tide to start moving a bit until we started to hook-up with any regularity.
Again we had a steady 20-25 knot wind to deal with and deal we did. After a little practice of throwing it out on our back cast, it all
came together like spreading soft butter on a warm muffin. 50-60 foot cast's were made with ease. As the tide rose it pushed us back
from the edge that the fish were traveling. After lunch we switched from fast sinking to clear intermediate line's and extended our
leaders with 3 feet of fluorocarbon. Our hopes were to try to sight fish in 2-3 feet of water on an overcast, windy day. Lady luck was
with us as we started to see them cruising on the flat in the same funnel as yesterday! It was nice to see some larger fish on the flat
today and even nicer to land a few. All in all it was another "Outstanding" day on the water.

In the last few days I've noticed an increase in the size of these fish. Im seeing many in the 30 inch plus range! These are the salad days.

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All 3 of my guest's tied into some pretty good ones today. The biggest was 33 inch's taken in 2 feet of water while sight fishing. The
hook-ups were many as well as the laughs and camaraderie we shared.


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