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5/21 Report
Mark was my guest for the day and with the forecast of clouds we were planning to just blind cast into likely fishy holding, transitional
waters. Started off the A.M. on the first cast with the below fish. A couple more came our way until out of nowhere the sun greeted us
with an invitation to sight fish the flats the rest of the incoming tide! Crystal clear skies, water and about 400 Bass and Blues were ours.
Im not saying we caught that many, but Mark had a blast trying to make the casts and catch them as this was his first time ever sight
fishing. As usual he choked on his fist few schools. Throwing loops so big a cow coulda jumped through them. His adrenaline was
pumping and he said his legs were shaking at this incredible sight! We finally put it all together with some picture perfect casts and were
rewarded with seeing the chase and take, all within 20 feet of us. Im sure this will be a day that he will not soon forget. Top fly on the
flats today was a Monomoy Flat Wing.

The entire Cape Cod area has fish. Big Blues and mostly schoolies with a few Keepers thrown in. More arriving on a daily basis.
While the fishing this weekend was O.K. at best. (IN my personal opinion) it would have been better if we had not had those strong
N. - N.E. winds for 3-4 days in a row. This type of wind effects the bait and water temp's greatly on the South side of the Cape.
Normally the water temp. will drop 5-8 degrees with this type of wind. This sudden temp. drop does not help. Sat. it had dropped to
55 degrees in the area we were fishing.

For most of this month the fishing will only get better, now that we are getting into the exaggerated tides. Look for the fishing to be
WILD and CRAZY at times!

My forecast for tomorrow is Bluefish. With mother nature giving us a heavy wind I would expect the Blues to be in good numbers in
certain area's. Surface action lures, flies should produce like magic! 20 to 30 knot winds with a fly rod? Are you crazy?

Stay tuned for more fun and excitement on this never ending "daily" virtual fly/spin fishing adventure.


( See Photo )

5/20 Report
Scheduled day off.

5/19 Report
Ross and Jim joined me for a day of fog, sun, stripers and blue's. We did a combination of spin and fly. The surf was ruff so spinning
rods with 6 inch sluggo's were the choice. It produced in spades! No one was killing them in another area we fished but we managed
to hold or own with landing 8 Bluefish. Wow, what fighters. My arm was aching by the time I landed mine! They simply would not
give up. They all averaged 8-12lb.s. Very few Stripers today compared to yesterday. With these larger Bluefish just arriving, Im sure
that's why we did not see more Bass caught. We were the only ones running wire (bite guards) so while others were hooking up, none
were landed as sharp teeth from a bluefish and soft mono do not mix. Normally, most people will put on wire if they get bitten off twice
in a row. (That's what we did) Water temp. was 55 degrees which is still pretty cool. Heard the fish weir area's on the south side of the
Cape are loaded with Bass (some keepers) and Blues galore. Remember that its Spring time as one day they can be there and the next
not. This is a common occurrence during the Spring migration.

May all your door-knobs smell of fish,


( See Photo's)

Jim and Ross had a great day of fishing, but more importantly a grand day of learning. We worked over eel grass, flats, deep water
drop-offs and surf. All habitats were fished while they were at there optimum.

Happy Hook'n,

Randy Jones

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