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South Cape Beach Report

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I spent a couple of hours fishing South Cape Beach yesterday evening. There was a gauntlet of spin guys lining the shore and I didn't see another fly guy or gal for that matter. The wind was blowing straight onshore but not so bad that casting was too difficult. I tried my new extended body squid, some popper patterns, and as things started getting dark a back beach bomber. All I managed to hook was weed and I must admit to some frustration watching the spin guys regularly get blues. I think my problem was distance - anyway that's what I'm telling myself. I would hate to think my tying or presentation was at fault. :) So my new DS2 is still a virgin and I'm looking forward to changing that on Saturday.
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Gregg -

Just curious... did you go to the left to fish the rip that comes very close to shore? Another tactic would be to fish the wacky jetty on the west side.

IMHO - fly fishing is not less effective, just different!
I had planned on walking to the "rip" but there were fish being caught right at the parking lot so I took up a post near the wooden walkway entering the beach area from the state park. I was not up for the walk to the jetty and would have had little daylight left once I got there.

On your last point I would say from personal observation and experience (ie not scientific by any means) that when fly fishing is an option (ie you can get the fly to the fish) it is more effective than spin. I've even had plenty of experiences when a fly outdid bait by serious margins.
And we have watched you make that point over and over again!!!

Say did you throw *THE* fly at them???

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Man I just love that shot!

No I didn't try that fly. The Estey Ribbon Surfer has been retired due to my frustration with it's tendency to twist the tippet. If I could only figure out how to get it out there without casting. :)

On a totally different topic, Mike and I just sealed a deal on a 15' Lapstrake type boat with a 50 hp merc. If all goes well it will be available for the clave.
YEEHAH! Congrats. We have Bigcat to add to the list of new owners this year too. Anyone else? My turn will come, but for now I have kids transitioning out of braces and into college tuitions at the same time. :eek:
Is that pic Weekapaug beach and breachway? If so, I was on the jetty. What a day that was!

As for flyfishing for blues at south Cape, I switched temporarily to spinning, not because of distance but because I simply couldn't get a weed free retrieve. The water seems to clear up a bit beyond flycasting range. The blues were breaking no more than 20 ft offshore at times where I was, so casting distance wasn't a factor. The squid draggers are thinning out so hopefully the weed will too. Then watch out! ;)

Meanwhile, a 'yak or doing the wading thing at O-beach may be other ways of bypassing the crud. Another possibility is to try some of the less weedy salt pond outlets, but you gotta get down deep in holes (extra fast sinking or depth charge).

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