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South Beach, Cape Cod, Wade, Fly, Spin. WOW!!!

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Today I waded the outside of South Beach with the sun and counted no less than 2,000 bass migrating by me within casting distance in 1-4 feet of water. Today was
not a day about simply catching, but also a day of learning. With all the new bowls, coves, bars and channels I was more interested in figuring out the exact route
they were taking at all parts of the tide. It was interesting to discover how their migration route changed as the tide rose and fell. At exactly 2 hours before the low
until 1 hour before the low I did not see a single fish.? Then it was like someone opened the flood gates. I had to rush to release each fish as I could see another
school moving towards me down the beach. At one point I missed a fish in one school, so I just jogged down the beach and got in front of the same school. Cast out
and got one.

I took some pictures with my digital camera that I will post on Friday with my extensive report, tips, articles, etc..The photos are of a school of 200 or so Bass migrating up the beach in 3 feet of water.


Randy Jones
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