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Snoqualmie - next rain should do it

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Hit the Snoq. last evening for a few. A couple of guys looking for trout happened into a steelhead that popped the trout leader after an entertaining battle. Saw a nice fish rolling above the David Powell stretch, great to get out but didn't get the big pull.

Heading to saltwater...
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That's good news!
I have not seen many new steelhead in the Sky as of late.
With the rain we will get some in both rivers.
Question for all; Has anyone ever noticed that when the silvers enter a river there seems to be a new batch of steelhead following them up river. It maybe my imagination but the last couple of years have done real well fishing wakers just behind silvers that are holed up. Steelhead seem to be right behind them and real aggresive.
This is very 'normal' for all rivers. Summer runs will winter over and usually spawn the following spring. That's why they can be such hungry little buggers. Summer's follow the salmon in for what appear to be two reasons I've noticed over the years. First is the water conditions that pull one up will have the same effect on the other. Secondly, summer runs love salmon eggs so they have a tendency to 'school' up below spawning fish.

The loose eggs are a floating smorgasboard; one good reason why small egg patterns can be so effective in the mid-late fall.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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