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For those of you that visited the Snake and Clearwater rivers this past season I hope you had a wonderful time. The rivers are now cooling down. Clearwater 38 and the Snake 41. I'm still hooking steelhead with floating line on the Snake. The Clearwater! Well I'm afraid it takes a sink tip. New fish have moved into the lower Clearwater but they're a little sluggish and are starting to turn dark. I did pick up a nice wild buck 12 pounds or so last Sunday Dec. 3.

I'll fish until mid January if the rivers and weather permit. If you're heading this way I'll fill you in!

I made my first trip to BC fishing the Bulkley and Morice this last Sept/Oct. I plan on posting my journal with a few pictures. I'll keep everyone posted.

D. Craig Lannigan
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Glad to hear you're still using a floater in the Snake. In fact, given the reportedly dismal state of our Puget Sound spring steelhead runs, it's great to hear from a region that has had healthy returns of both hatchery and wild steelhead!

I've had a lot of time (thanks to the broken shoulder) to think back over the great fishing moments of this last fall. Some of the best were on the Clearwater, and I'm already looking forward to next fall when the steelhead will again rise to the surface fly.

Hey . . are you tying with that ringtail? I've been thinking it's going to be the perfect thing for maribou GP tails!


Brian / Doublespey

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Craig -

Thanks for the report. Geez, still hookin 'em a greased line! You're a lucky man.

Between your reports, Brian's excitement when he talks about the area, Duggan's deep connection to the rivers... I am ready to book a flight! I'm definitely gonna have to make the journey next season and I look forward to swingin' a sparse dark spey with you on Ted Trueblood's and your home waters.

I look forward to your BC reports with anticipation... another journey I *must* make.

Keep 'em coming, I could use the inspiration as the deep freeze sets in here.

best regards,

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