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Smelt ???

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I know everyone back East is probably only thinking of the soon to come Spring season but was wondering if anyone still fishes for Smelt in the winter season?

I used to love to go sit on a dock somewhere on the Back R. or Fore R. at night and fish for them. It's been so long I don't even know if people still fish for them or if there are any left. God that night fishing in the cold wind was hard but always better than sitting on the couch and watching the tube.
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I have a few friends that go to different places in Maine for smelt.
Gardiner, Bowdoinham, and Dresden are a few of the towns that they go to.
Thye have done quite well this season. Best I can figure is that the season is winding down. They say through a couple weeks either side of Christmas is best. After January the catch runs downhill fast.

Maine still has excellent smelting. We have ventured up to James' Eddy - I don't recall the town - for smelt over the years. From what I remember, the smelting should be good through February. The last time we went (2 years ago) we brought some olive oil and garlic and ate them right out of the ice!
I tried smelt a while back and thought they were quite tasty. I was the one using my fork to 'fillet' them on my plate. On the recent topic of tail chips, most eat them "in the round" with the head off. I felt a little silly but didn't get as far as crunching down 'dem bones. Tasy though.
What weight rod do you use? Floating or sinking line?
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