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Small World

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I guess this is kind of a pointless post. Sorry. It is amazing though, how small this world actually is.

For example, I was looking at Howzer's profile and he is Nathan Mantua. THE Nathan Mantua that I cited about 500 times for a paper I wrote last quarter dealing with the effects of the Pacific Decedal Oscillation on salmon runs in Alaska and Washington.
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Very cool!

Also the Nathan Mantua that joined Bigcat (John Marotta), Brian Zinc and other Forum FF'ers on a beautiful spot in Chatham (Cape Cod) called "big girl bar" last fall; the same Nathan Mantua I met on the Skykomish a few years back, etc.

BTW - Nate I can't thank you enough for the Russell Chatham book! I don't know that I really deserve it, your enjoyment of the Cape was reward enough. BTW - I have some great pictures to post from that day.

You're right Ryan - small world indeed! Let's make it smaller, eh?
yep, that's me, the same guy that stood next to Juro on Big Girl Bar and watched him hook a fish on almost every cast while I got schooled in the way of the "Cape Cod Eelers" -- I was playing it cool by hooking one fish on something like my 1000th cast that morning!
That's a great fishery, and I only got to see the season's last gasp. I hope to get out there again and do the saltwater swing and twitch. Let me know if you get those pictures up, I'd like to see 'em.

Ryan, you better take it easy on pumping up my ego or my hat wont fit. But thanks for the kind words, we'll have to hook up on the UW campus sometime soon.
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