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The Skagit is in great shape at this time. River is low and beautifully green. I would venture to say anywhere on the lower river one might find some searun cutts.
Hiked to Sauk bar yesterday. Mostly for the scenery and the salmon berries. Ate so many berries I was worried about getting a tummy ache. The Skagit was a wonderful emerald green and the mountains were gorgeous. Practiced spey casting with no real intent on catching anything. Got two resident cutts about 16 inches. Scared one chinook, had him on for a minute or two. Might have scared me.

Tomorrow Dec Hogan is having a spey casting demonstration on the Skagit in Mt Vernon. Might be worth going to. For info call Kim at Skagit Anglers, (360) 336-3232.
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Oh I'm off to a mariners game otherwise I'ld be over. Off to the Stilly tomorrow. Betcha could find a summer run around Marblemount about now.
How ya doin' Hud?

Went to the Stilly on Sunday. Fished from Hazel down about 2 or 3 miles. Nothing. Didn't see anything. River was gorgeous. I noticed that the north fork was clear all the way down to the forks. South fork was pumping some nasty color. That's a little different.
Did you stop at the Oso bridge and take a peek? We had a fun chat with two of the old timers from the Gen store a few years back who came down to throw dimes. Litterally. If one chased, they'd fish for the aggresive fish. These guys were no spring chickens, so I figure there had to be several hundred dimes down there. "gotta be dimes, we tried pennies and nickels, but they didn't work"

Man I can still see those ghostly chrome July fish in my minds eye.
I asked the woman at the counter at the oso general store about Barney & Gus - she knew one of them well (i think it was Barney) and he had passed away :( She said her kids used to like him a lot and they really missed him.

They're both still alive in my mind, along with some laughter about gluing a hook to a dime :)
Well come the 4th of July, we all know that there will be atleast a few Deer Creek summer runs swimming lazily-out of danger from us fisherman-under the trestle.

The couple weeks when the biggest push of these magnifecent fish has to be my favorite time of the year. 80 degree days followed by the comfort of a cool evening spent throwing flies for these fish.

Last year around the 4th I remember driving up to the Riffle after work and arriving at about 730. I made my way down and preceded to hook not one, not two but 3 fish. The final fish wasnt hooked untill the very last light of the day and not landed untill total darkness had taken over the landscape. I think I smiled all the way home, smiled all through my sleep and woke up with a smile on my face.
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