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Fished the Skagit River on Sunday. Started high at Swift Creek. Water is low, gin clear and cold. Weather is overcast with a few sprinkles, temp about 32 degrees. 2nd or 3rd cast got a good take on the swing. I thought this would be a steelhead because the take was on the swing and I was up high in the run. It turned out to be a 20" Dolly. Caught 2 more Dollies in the frog water before heading to Jackman Creek. Caught 2 Dollies at Jackman. All of the Dollies went around 18 to 20 inches. After Jackman Creek I moved further down river to Grandy Creek. The river has more color here. I suspect the color is coming from the Sauk and maybe some from the Baker. Visibility about 3 feet. I fished for several hours with no sign of Mr. Metalhead. A good day for catching Dolly Varden. Not so good for catching steelhead.

Lots of eagles and herons. I look hard at those blue herons. I can see lots of spey hackle and one great big fine. Only seen one other fisherman all day. Unusual for a Sunday. I could hear a few sleds running but only seen one. I like it when the eagles and herons out number the people.

Next weekend I go in search of Mr. Metalhead again.
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Kerry -

Thanks for that glimpse in my minds eye of one of earth's truly magnificent river jewels. I'm lucky to be able to reconstruct virtually every nuance of your report from the words based on memories.

That silver freight train could be holding in that pool next time...
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