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Skagit River Report

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Fished the Skagit yesterday with Sinktip, another denizen of the Steelhead Forum. We had wanted to float the Sauk but the white chocolate color of the water dissuaded us and we decided to ply the very clear waters of the Skagit above Rockport.

We started on one of the classic fly runs near Marblemount. The water flows over basketball-sized boulders in a long wide flat on the inside of a very gradual bend. With plenty of room and no competition, we were very comfortable fishing this run until lunchtime.

The only hint of action came as I fished my way into an especially good part of the run. The seam slowed and deepened, and I got that tingle you get when the fly's fishing with just the right amount of tension and all conditions are *GO*.

Right on schedule, the rod tip does the triple slam and bends to the cork. I let out an enthusiastic caffeine-fueled FISH ON! as I'm jolted back to the present moment. Line peels off the reel and then . . . stops?? I lean back and still feel the fish, but it comes in rather docilely. After a few more halfhearted runs it surrenders - a big fat Dolly with the pink shrimp hanging from the corner of his mouth.

We break for lunch around 12, then decide to head downriver and check out the Mixer. We arrive and find nobody on the water. Amazingly, there's also quite a bit of color in the water and the visability is down under 3'. We fish the run with high hopes, but neither of us connects and we quit around 4.

As we were leaving I stopped in to see a BC friend down for the week and got the report that Dec Hogan's client, who was also fishing the upper river above Rockport, had gotten a Steelhead. There are a few fish in the river right now - Very Few. Guides around the Howard Miller park is optimistic that this latest pulse of water will lure in a fresh batch that fishing will improve. I'll be back up there in a week or so to see for myself.

Tight Lines!

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Awesome! I'm hopeful that the taste of the glaciers will get the big natives olfactory senses in an uproar; maybe the timing will be just right when I arrive? (fingers, toes crossed!)
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