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Went down after work to see what was happening with the shad situation in the Willamette. Turned out things are hopping, although I didn't get much action until fairly late in the evening--I finally started catching fish consistently about 7:30 pm and hooked a fish every other cast or so from then on until I quit about 9.

If anyone out there in Forum land wants to give this a try, I was fishing in front of the Rivershore Motel off a cobble bar that extends a fair way out into the river (look for a large pile of boulders on the bank). I was using a Hi Density shooting head and casting straight across stream toward the boats. Most fish hit as the fly was straight down or nearly.

The fly I was using was a No. 4 Shad Fly with green body and weighted cerise head. Four foot leader, eight pound Maxima.

This is fun stuff. It would be great if more fly anglers turned out for this fishery. I was literally the only one fly fishing (if what I was doing can be called fly fishing) and towards the end I was getting as much action as anyone else.

If you're near any Oregon or SW Washington shad, head on down to the river -- they're in and they're most entertaining.


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