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Seventy Days Until the Stripers Arrive

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No guarantees but if things go as they have in the past few seasons it will be about 70 more days until the linesider fury crashes on the cape shores. Bright, spanky schoolies eager to grab a fly and put up a spirited fight. Huge bass gathering around the herring runs on the sound side, soon after on the bayside runs. Fish that are willing to forgive fly selection, sloppy spring casts, or just about anything our winter rustiness can muster. The sun will shine warm in our faces through the day and if the tides are right we'll catch fish through the day. The spotty spring schools will thicken into a resident community of raiding ocean bass and blues, and all will be right with the world for several hours a week.

In the mean time, there are lots of things to be done:

a) Striper fly swap still in full swing

b) Feb 10 - Saltwater Edge Fly Tying Fair (<!--nohttp--><a href="" target="_blank">web info</a><!--url-->)

c) Feb 17 - Rod Building Kick-off at Rod Builder's Workshop (Kingston)

d) TBD - Indoor casting clave

e) TBD - Blue Northern Fly-tying Beginner day

f) March 10-11 - Wilmington Fly Show (Shriner's Auditorium)

g) April - Taxes !dOh!
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"The return of the stripers".....
That is what I am truly waiting for!! You'll get no comments from me about all the other BS that is going on!!!!
Doug B.
Seventy days? Yer a pessimist, coach. Fifty-nine from the date of your post to the date of my first last year. (And that's not counting any winter-overs that fall for it on some unseasonably sunny day in Feb. or March).

I never stop fishing. I only stop catching for a few months.
April 2nd? Sounds good to me!

I recall a few years back stripers were thick around Bass River on April 6th so they must have been there much before.

You just made my day Mike. 11 of them! And they can't come soon enough.
I would suggest Mid April. It is a little more of a sure thing.
I'm up for the beginning of April!
The days can't go by fast enough!!!
Nate -

I'm sure you saw the clave talk, but it makes sense to make an exploratory trip in mid-april and do the clave in early may.


Another couple of days like today and I'll be getting that nasty 24 hour stomach bug again ;-)
that's the disadvantage of being a stay-at-home dad, no sick days!!! :(
Tom D
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