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Nick (05-10-2001 03:58 p.m.):
On the topic of tube flies....I can't get my K River system to work. I tie up a fly, and I then cut it off with a knife. I can't get the tube to come off of that vise. Any suggestions, or am I just tying the flies to tight? By the way...I have been using the plastic tubes, not the metal ones, and tying saltwater patterns (clouser, deciever...) Thanks.

Kennebec has a video on tying tubes and in it they discuss this problem. I can't recall the exact stuff, but using a "special" 3M pad they first deburr the mandrels and then lubricate them. I'm guessing that if you contact the gang at Hunter's they can probably tell you what materials you need for this, or you can borrow the vid--the sequence is about 1/3 of the way in to the tape.
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