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Seeing All These Tube Flies...

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...I have decided that I must jump in and start tying tube flies. Brian's Pink/White Rabbit finally convinced that I can no longer live on just your typical flies. :)

What do I need? what are your favorite tubes to use, diamater, brand? Vices? Do you just use the Renzenti tube vice or do you just use a nail?

Any special techniques or word of advice?

Do they cast any differnt then standard 1 1/2 or 3/0 Marabous? If not, then do you think a 796 XP or 1087 Gl3 will get the job done?

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What kind of plastic tubes are you using? I use the older Q-Tip tubes (found in bargain stores), but I have found that not all hollow q-tips are created equal, some of the "no-name" ones are very thin walled and collapse under even medium thread pressure. The thicker tubes will take quite a bit more pressure but even those will be a little tighter on the pull off the mandrill.

I have a Renzetti tube fly vise - and I love it. The tubes do not slip and the rotary action is wonderful, plus I went and bought the Traveller head for the vise and now have both. Those who already have a Renzetti Traveller Vise should know that you can order the tube fly head which is considerably cheaper than doing it the other way round - like I did!

Tight lines - tyler.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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