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Seeing All These Tube Flies...

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...I have decided that I must jump in and start tying tube flies. Brian's Pink/White Rabbit finally convinced that I can no longer live on just your typical flies. :)

What do I need? what are your favorite tubes to use, diamater, brand? Vices? Do you just use the Renzenti tube vice or do you just use a nail?

Any special techniques or word of advice?

Do they cast any differnt then standard 1 1/2 or 3/0 Marabous? If not, then do you think a 796 XP or 1087 Gl3 will get the job done?

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On the topic of tube flies....I can't get my K River system to work. I tie up a fly, and I then cut it off with a knife. I can't get the tube to come off of that vise. Any suggestions, or am I just tying the flies to tight? By the way...I have been using the plastic tubes, not the metal ones, and tying saltwater patterns (clouser, deciever...) Thanks.

Thanks for the advice, I am off to try it out again this evening. I'll let you know how it pans out. But first I'll have to get some sandpaper from work.

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