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Seattle trip 10/11-10/13

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Juro told me to post and see what you guys thought. I will be in Seattle 8/7-8/10 and want to fish on the 8/11 throught the 8/13. I would like to go trout fishing, maybe the Yakima or drive down to the Deschutes. Does anyone have any advice as to where should I go, and does anyone know any good guides (or are one).
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The deschutes you might try Brian Silvey Brian is a great guy and spends a lot of time on the Deschutes. I've floated steelhead with him and a day on th eriver is serious time. We meet at the cars around 4am and he dropped us off close to 11:00pm.


I wonder if the PNW contingent could offer some time to show Nate around... as you may have seen from his other posts he is a flyfishing machine and a great guy. All the summer fish should be in the river by then; and although the conditions may be less than ideal you guys should show him around Reiter Ponds at dawn; Stilly; Kalama; Cowlitz; Snoqualmie; or Brian, how about a hooknose clave?

Don't make me make a flight out there to show you how to clave!
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It sounds like you are looking for an excuse to go out there, Juro. Thanks for the advice on Brian Silvey, I will give him a call. I was wondering though if the Deschutes is worth it.It's a long drive though. Well, I know it is worth it but is it compaired to other locations in Washington like the Yakima that are closer. Also, should I even try for Steelhead or should I stick with the trout? Also Juro mentioned going off shore for Salmon. What do you think.

I'd be happy to take you out if scheduling permits. Another thought might be the Cowlitz. Shorter drive from Seattle should have Steelhead and some cuts by that time of year.

Hi Nathan,

If you're looking for trout, check out the below link. These guys are right on the river and post reliable Yakima River fishing reports. There isn't much bank fishing, tho, so you need to either go with someone who has a raft/driftboat or do a guided trip.


The other option is summer steelhead fishing. Tackle is a bit different, but you have the chance of hooking up in most all of the rivers around Seattle. Dennis Dickson is very good with new steelheaders and provides all the necessary gear. He guides on the North Fork Stillaguamish and Skykomish rivers in the summer and can be reached at the link below.


I wish I could take a few days to show you around, but it looks like I'm going to be out of town during that period of time. Drop me an email just before you're heading out - if I am still here, I'd be happy to show you around. As Juro mentioned, the Reiter area at dawn and Snoqualmie are two spots that are often good for steelhead in August. Haven't heard from Sinktip lately - maybe he'd be up for a mini-clave?


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I have been keeping a low profile of late with Summer School around the corner and 10,000 things to do before it starts. Never too busy to talk fishing though. Hey, I could be talked into a mini-clave. Not sure yet if I will be available that week but if I am, I would love to show you around in hopes of finding a summer metal-head. Let me know if you or anyone else on the board is interested and we can start planning.

By the way, the Sky is falling and calling to me for an early morning fish. I've got some new Spey patterns I'm itching to try as well. I will report back.
sorry about those lousy links - try these.

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Thanks for all the info and offers but my trip was just cancelled. However, I still want to take a trip out there. When would be the best time of year and I will make it a vacation. I would like to go for both steelhead and trout. I will most likely take a week and fish 5 days. What are your suggestions.
Hi Nathan,

If you have the choice, I'd recommend the fall. Mid - late September is ideal - we usually have good weather, the flows in the Yakima drop (usually in the first week of September) and the river becomes wadable. It's great to fish it at this time - just bring your small caddis and mayfly patterns (#16-#20) and drive down the Yakima Canyon Road (it's about 2 hrs from Seattle). Lots of access from the road, and it's 90% public land. Wonderful desert county and LOTS of water to fish. The weekends get a bit crowded, but the weekdays you'll have most of the river to yourself. There are plenty of great campgrounds along the river, or you can stay in a motel in Ellensburg - about 10 minutes drive from the Canyon entrance.

Fishing on the Yakima at that time of year is self-explanatory (if you're an experienced trout fisherman)- the pools are well defined when the water level is that low - you'll be wading 3/4 across a 150' wide river to fish the deep pools under the willows along the far bank. The fish key on small nymphs and drys and I know of people scoring on everything from low-water emergers to your basic #18 Parachute Adams (probably the best searching fly that time of year).

The summer steelhead fishing is at it's best this time of year, too. The rivers are low and clear and this is when floating lines, skated muddlers & riffle-hitched speys really come into their own. The Snoqualmie and Skykomish are both great destinations for this. On bright days, the best action is (really) early mornings and evenings.

If you're thinking about a trip down to the Deschutes, this is also a good time to go there. I'll defer to Andre about that one, tho!

Give a holler on the board if you're headed out this way - most of the hardcore steelheaders really focus on fishing at that time of year and you'll definitely be able to join an experienced fisherman (or two) for a trip if you're here a week.

Hope this helps,

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I'll agree with Brian it's difficult to argue with Fall. Sept thru Oct one can usually count on pretty good weather if you get lucky the clouds will roll in and keep the sun off the water to improve the steelheading.

The wonderful thing about the Deschutes is you can target both Steelhead and Trout in the same river. Steelhead in the morning before the sun pounds the water (northerly flowing fish face teh rising sun). Grab a little shut eye, fling flies for trout nymphing often picks up steelhead. grab more shut eye and steehead in the evening. During the fall you might have the opportunity to fish the October caddis hatch. These caddis appear like small birds, the takes are savage.

Skated OC for metalheads, Juro that must get the blood flowing.

Blood temp 300 degrees... and rising!

I gave a FF talk at Mass Striped Bass Assoc last night and used the footage of the PNW in fall to explain the traditional use of Spey rods as an opener to the two-handed stuff we are doing today in the surf. I was not the only one w/ rising temps on that footage you took on the Cow; not to mention the footage Brian took on the Sky - and the scenery in between.

Hey Nate - perhaps we should coordinate a visit out there to split costs? Jay Clancy is a nudge away from agreement as well. Let's keep it in mind.
... a nudge away..hah..I'm over the edge. Let's roll - I like that 4:00AM to 11:00PM shift.

Duggan, I need help with Spey flies though. Show us what you're doing....

Jay C.

I sent you an email on your yahoo account.

Trust me you don't want to have me as a teacher when it comes to spey dressings. I tie a mean marabou spider but speys are another matter. I am learning as I go and owe what little success I have had to Juro and his wonderful speys form the Y2K contest.

I promised a report on the Sky so here goes. I hit IRS for an hour or so yesterday before work. The river is coming down and the run was fishing well but all I hooked was a nice smolt which somehow managed to mouth a 1/0 Bunny Rat. I am hearing reports of fish being caught though so for those of you close, get out there and fish!

Tight lines!

Glad to hear you are out there keeping an eye on the fish. Isn't it amazing what smolts will occaisionally grab?
Juro does tie nice spey flies doesn't he...I have a couple on my office wall to constantly torment me.

Thanks for the report,

Jay C.
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