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It must a been a bad dream! Fished Old Silver Beach in N. Falmouth last night, 7:30 pm till about 11 pm.
Started out dead low and started to come in soon after I got there. Tons of sand eels. I got a lot of short strikes on a 3 1/2" clouser, changed over to one about 2" long and Bingo, scup on! Thinking, good bait source, so I just moved around some to get away from the scup. I think they liked me! In all about 15 scup, I've never caught these guys on the fly before, How about you?
Well, later on, 1 bluefish about 14", and then schoolies, about 5 I think, 15" to 24".
Some guy next to me yells over, "What the heck is this, I'm thinking he's into the scup as well, then he says,"it's got wings", biggest sea robin i've ever seen.
I'm sure it must a been a dream, but I wake up with striper and Scup thumb!

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I know one thing, those scup are tasty little critters! The texture is similar to the carribean snapper and if sprinkled with Chef Prudhomme's seafood magic, lightly floured, then sautee'd in light olive oil with a little pilaf and some asparagus or steamed endives with balsamic vinegar... is it lunchtime yet?

As far as sea robin, a dream with those in it would be a nightmare!
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