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This weekend's scouting efforts suggest a few things:
1) it's not going to be limited to a schoolie show!
2) mid cape (soundside) area has a lot of bass and blues
3) south cape area has tons of blues and bass
4) South Beach/Monomoy is now pretty solid with fish and bait
5) Bayside has 30-35" fish and a late afternoon flood over low
6) Randy saw a lot of fish on the backside beach*

* - this means the four Nauset Beach 4x4 stickers have a reason to be on the sand

Jeff Roop is putting together an awesome plan for the clave; we'll see more details this week. I am really looking forward to meeting everyone on the water and/or at the Saturday Night get-together at the Anchorage.
Should be a classic!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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