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scott rod opinions

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Has anyone had a chance to compare the STS series and the Heliply? Interested in hearing feedback generally on these rods.
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Haven't done the comparison yet but it gives me something to check next time I go to the store. I have cast and like the STS, it throws a nice loop without even thinking about it. You might try dropping Bob Desplaines a line, I think his email link is on I can also give the rep a call and get his take on it. Maybe we can even get the two side by side at the casting clave.
Had the new Nano Redington in my hands last night at the Bear's Den open house. Geoff Gunnthrup(sp) the region rep was showing me the skinny on the manufacturing process. Very interesting. Didn't cast it, but it worth exploring its possibilities.
Jeff, I have two Scott Eclips'. One a ten wt. and the other a 7 and I love them. Both are very light , not stiff(mid flex sort of) but moderatly fast. When I compare the 10wt to my T & T horizon 10 wt. It's like I am holding a 5 wt in comparison to the T & T. I have not however compare the Eclipes to the other Scott rods.
I cast the 8wt titanium last weekend. It has a taper that just pops out a really well-behaved tight loop once you find the stroke.

It seemed like a good rod for quick-draw casts, allowing fast loading and ample shooting of line with a really nice loop form that comes easy.

I also cast the 8wt 5pc RPLXi. It had a great feel, lots of power without being stiff, and a pleasure to cast.

It has that great Sage feel thru the whole casting stroke and the load sensing comes in loud and clear. Although it does telegraph the load so well, a little pump and stop and the line screams to it's destination. It's one of Sage's benchmark rods if you ask me, particularly when you factor in the travel convenience.

The new T&T was also a sweetie. There sure are a lot of great rods on the market nowadays!

I used an 11 weight helipy for tarpon in the keys. Definitely the right rod for that job.

For stripers, I would like to own the STS.

I think Art Sawyer of FinFun Charters uses Scott Rods & is on their pro staff.

He's a great guy who would go out of his way to help you.

Jeff...I have access to both the Heliply and the STS...9' 9wt...and could bring them to the Wilmington Show for you to play with...
I have a friend who has a Scott rod and loves it. The weak link is the internal spigot which has a tendency to break. His broke at the internal spigot and was repaired at minimal cost.
I have the sts 9'9wt it is a great rod. a bit easier to cast(and control) then many... I find it just a bit sweeter then my 8 wt rplx. Tom D
Thanks all,
been poking around for an 8 wt, and have seen a few used Scotts that were in the ballpark, but haven't had a chance to fish or cast one. Maybe I'll try one at the upcoming show.

I'm a little wary of Scott's description of the Heliply for northeast applications...I don't think "lifting power" is what I'm looking for in an 8 wt. (that's what my 10 wt is for). The search continues...
I have a #9HP and this is a very easy rod to cast. I usually use it on a boat, and it will throw 30' of leadcore, or a 300gr line easily. The tip isn't especially heavy, but I think that the taper progressively lodes the rod so that it doesn't feel like it is collapsing even when it is overlined. The shorter lenth is not a concern on a boat, but it makes the rod feel very light, which is nice if you are false casting all day. I like this rod.
I don't have an #9 sts but I do have a #7 & #11, and I have cast the #9. These are terrific rods and maybe better all around. They have a very possitive feel. Comparing the two lines, I think that the STS could be called a higher performing rod(stiff butt, generates lots of line speed), but the HP is sweeter(fuller flexing, easier to cast).
If you cast them side by side, the STS will feel like a better rod, but the HP might be better for some.
There are so many nice sticks out there.
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