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If my memory serves me, we had some outstanding fishing this past May on the South Side of Cape Cod. The (Terry) Bass River Clave comes to mind, with a lot of Twinkey bass caught, but just as many mid-sized (25"-29")line-siders were had. However, we did have an early warm spell this spring which may have moved the fish further North than normal for that time of year. This implies (correctly) that every season is different; the only thing for certain is that the "good-sized" stripers will be somewhere between New Jersey & Cape Cod at that time. All that being said, keep your eyes on the boards (particulally this one!) starting towards the end of April. If your interested in a good refernce book that gives locations try "Striper Hot Spots" by Frank Diagnault (sp?); this covers shore fishing from New Jersey to Maine. However, the real local knowledge will come from Forums like this one! If I had to prognosticate (sp?), Rhode Island would be a good bet & that's not a long drive from Delaware.

Good Luck,
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