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Saltwater Flyfishing in Delaware

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I’m a fly fisherman from Edinburgh in Scotland and I’ll be staying in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware for three weeks from May 23 2001. Although I’ve fished for trout for over 25 years I’ve never tried saltwater flyfishing.

I’ve just read the article in ‘fly fishing forum’ on surf fishing for Striped Bass and wondered if anyone had any information flies, tackle, lines, locations etc which would allow me to come prepared next year. I’d be happy to reciprocate with information about Scottish flyfishing should that be useful to anyone coming over ‘the pond’ my way.
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You've got yourself a deal! I am fascinated by the flyfishing heritage in Scotland and would be glad to provide as much information as possible to help you succeed on your visit. Better yet if you can manage a detour to Cape Cod, we can usher you around to some of the hot spots in person.

I am preparing a follow-up to the initial article and think it will answer many of your questions. In the mean time, look around some more and although not nearly as efficient I think you'll get some ideas.

Phil, having scots blood in at least have my veins, I would be glad to help you out as much as possible. I am, as most of the people on this board, in the Boston area. Juro, coul we maybe have an "over the pond" clave???

If my memory serves me, we had some outstanding fishing this past May on the South Side of Cape Cod. The (Terry) Bass River Clave comes to mind, with a lot of Twinkey bass caught, but just as many mid-sized (25"-29")line-siders were had. However, we did have an early warm spell this spring which may have moved the fish further North than normal for that time of year. This implies (correctly) that every season is different; the only thing for certain is that the "good-sized" stripers will be somewhere between New Jersey & Cape Cod at that time. All that being said, keep your eyes on the boards (particulally this one!) starting towards the end of April. If your interested in a good refernce book that gives locations try "Striper Hot Spots" by Frank Diagnault (sp?); this covers shore fishing from New Jersey to Maine. However, the real local knowledge will come from Forums like this one! If I had to prognosticate (sp?), Rhode Island would be a good bet & that's not a long drive from Delaware.

Good Luck,
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We can make you feel right at home here in America.

What about "Carp on a fly" than some "Striper Magic" afterwards.

Bring your Bag Pipes! Any reasons is a good reason to clave on!
juro, tomd, grego, Ray et al

I've emailed some of you seperately and received a number of emails from your fellow clavers. I just wanted to record my gratitude for the info I've recieved about this enquiry and about the jacket. To think that a complete stranger in the States is willing to phone someone on the other side of his country on behalf of a guy he's never met is frankly amazing.

I hope to have loads more contact with you all through the forum and would like to think that we could establish some kind of fly fishing transatlantic link. Sounds a bit grandiose but what the hell....if the title fits!!!!
Phil, in the magazine "flyfishing in salt waters", there is an article about fishing in that area. If you can't get it in Scotland, let me know, and I could send it to you. Tom D
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