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Salmon River - Pulaski, N.Y. Update:

There is approx. 25 or so Salmon coming in each A.M. in the DSR. Better fish at the mouth of the river if you hope to catch any. (In my opinion) Many will not make it to the Black Hole.

Few Kings in. Very few. A friend sited 4-5 Salmon while wading parts of the river from the Black Hole up to the Altmar area. Another seasoned angler reported a run of Salmon up into the Willow Hole in the Estuary. They did something that is quite common at this time of the year, they left. In the lower river each A.M. in Sept. you will see #'s of fish running down river. Normally this happens when their spawning urge is not strong enough to make them commit to their journey up river. I often see this happen when anglers start to wade into the river in the early A.M. Fish are spooked and a down stream run is created. Its funny to watch some anglers who get excited at a 30 pound fish rooster tailing down stream. They are often seen casting in front of them as they charge down stream? How do you present a fly to a fleeing Salmon down river? Got me! Ha

For additional water level information dial
1(800)-452-1742, River Code 365123.

For those of you that are new and experienced Salmon River anglers, I would like to share with you some important "fishing report information".

1. This year I will be offering a 24-hour response time to anyone with questions concerning this fishery.

2. Unfortunately, due to the amount of time it takes for me to post on all sites that ask me to, I will regretfully be unable to post daily Salmon River, N.Y. (Fly-Spin) fishing reports.

I will be updating my personal web site "fishing reports section" on a DAILY basis. As soon as I pull off my waders, I will be updating it with approx. #'s of Coho, King, Brown and Steelhead that I count coming up through the lower river. This should help in planning your fishing trip. Every 7 days I will combine all reports and post all information on this great site. As in past years, I hope you will find my reports entertainingly informative and mildly educational. It is designed to give you a lot of fishing information very QUICKLY.

3. Referral Service:
There are only so many days in a year and I find I'm getting more requests for guided fishing trips than I am able to do.
I've recently started a referral service so that I will be able to guarantee you a competent replacement.
You will be guaranteed a guide who is professional, knowledgeable, courteous and gives 110 percent. Most importantly, with my recommendation, they represent me. Only the finest - premiere guides have been asked to join my exclusive referral service.

Thanks for your continued support!

They say the Lord does not subtract from a person's allotted span for the days spent fishing.

Fish long & prosper!

Randy Jones
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