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Sage new 9140

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Didn't cast it (the casting pool was tiny) but played with the new 9140 today. Looked pretty sweet! Also cast the 5-pc 8wt rplxi - seemed like the ultimate ocean coho rod for those who make occasional trips to bonefish country or striper land.

Any first-hand experience with the new emerald Spey rod?
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Juro, I don't know if you saw my post regarding this rod in the Spey rod thread from earlier in the week, but I love this rod. Sage just sent me one to test and as I wrote earlier, it's considerably lighter, and more important, feels much more alive in the hand on the swing. I also think it helps me throw a tighter loop, so I'm a big fan. In fact, I'm currently trying to think of excuses for not sending it back! The one I have has a longer foregrip on it, and I've heard they moved it back to the original length since this particular rod was made--I like the long handle as it moves the balance point under my natural casting position. On the old rod, I move my hand up so my front two fingers are off the grip and on the blank when I fish. The length does make it tough to get back under your elbow (and around overloaded vest) after you cast. My suggestion to them was to make the handle somewhere in between the two lengths in the future, but who knows. Anyway, as I stated in the previous post, I may be biased due to the fact that I'm working for Sage now, but I think this is an awesome rod. I highly recommend it, as well as the new 7136-4, which recieved the same redesign treatment and upgrade to the higher modulus graphite IIIe. Great rods, everyone--go out, get your hands on one and let me know what you think.
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Dylan -

Thanks for the great reply, I realized there was a good review of the new rod in the earlier thread as I drove to work this morning. I posted the above question in a groggy post-fly show state last night... but still remembered how good that rod felt in the hands before I finished my glass of locally brewed but brown ale (Wachusett) and hit the pillow like a rock.

I do appreciate the follow-up and am dying to try both of the new rods - it only adds to the reasons for me to get my butt back to river country in the spring or fall.


Dylan -

BTW I had a chat with Randi Swisher about the hoopla in the booth next to sage... t&t. The new DH1212-3 twohanded 12ft 12wt east coast surf rod was one of the most sought after trial cast rods at the show. Nick Curcione was the rep for Tom Dorsey. Nick made his point clear with the booming casts he made.

Anyway, for the last four years or so I have been talking with Brad Gage (local Sage rep), Kevin last year, and Randi about the trend. I think it's finally become mainstream enough so that coastal fly flingers are thinking about their left hand on the rod.

I saw the new two-handed Euro rods but not a lot of info about it. Should've cast them myself in retrospect.

Last year we were granted three euro overhand blanks for trials on the northeast coastal scene. I'll be writing up a report for Kevin to say "thanks for the blanks" and we should have all three rods done by spring. I'll CC you (and anyone else) if you are interested.
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Believe me, I want to hear about it. Hearing what the people out there are saying can help me a lot with the work I'm doing for them. On another note, I just received a new five-piece RPLXi to test in Hawaii next week, and it is a thing of beauty. Havn't cast it yet, but it looks like a winner--I will let you know what I think. Five pieces sure sounds good as I pack, though. Any input you have on Sage products, let me know. Peace.
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