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Ross Canyon #6 for a Spey reel?

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Anyone thinking about the new Ross Canyon Big game reel for a Spey reel? I am picking one up for a SWFF reel this year and and thinking it will double as a Spey reel in the #6 size.

Here is a link to their specs...

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While I have not yet seen the Canyon, I have been using the Ross Saltwater V for 4 years as my Spey reel of choice. I love it and it gobbles up my custom Speydriver line and 300+ yds of 30lb dacron. I was somewhat saddened by Ross discontinuing the reel but it seems that they may have given it a facelift and called it the Canyon. It is funny as they never really seemed to market the Saltwater Series as it wasn't even in their brochures. I will say though, that if the Canyon is of the same quality as the Saltwater V it will be an awesome spey reel. BTW - I just checked the Livin' Large II piece - nice...
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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