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Based on an earlier thread we had more than enough interest in learning how to build a fly rod this winter.

I talked to Smitty (see <!--http--><a href="" target="_blank">website</a><!--url-->) today and we are on for February 18th, Sunday two weeks from now. There are 5 open spots. Class starts at 2:30 pm and runs until dinnertime. To get in please commit with a reply and a check for $50 to Smitty...

Rod Builder's Workshop
100 Main St.
Kingston, MA 02364

I told him we had 5 people based on replies received earlier. Please reply here first so we can get an idea of those interested.

I would be happy to car pool with anyone heading down from the greater boston area.

Here is a link the the previous post where we collected general interest in this event... <!--http--><a href="" target="_blank"> HERE </a><!--url-->

Look forward to this *FISHING* related event!

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How about posting some alternate dates and I will ask Smitty... I'd really like to get this going before spring.



<font size="1">Details:

$50 deposit
$100 when you arrive, total $150

First lesson - group
Blank selection, cork rings, reaming, etc.

All subsequent lessons - at your own pace, no limit and included in the $150
Threads, guides, finish work

Smitty is among the best.
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