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Rock-em Sauk-em

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Floated the Sauk yesterday from the Suiattle River mouth down to the Native Hole. Beautiful day for a boat ride but less than ideal to fish. Weather was <b> sunny </b> and hot. River was holding up well though with the water level up a little over mean and the visibility at 4-5'. Pressure was light and there was a few small stoneflies coming off in the afternoon. (Sorry - trout fishing background coming out there)

My friend Steve had a good yank as he stripped in on the first run. No hookup though and that was the grand total of our fish encounters. I even invoked the magic of one of Juro's flies on an especially fishy piece of water but without tangible results.

Still it was a great day. Good food (Steve made his awesome foot long subs) good intellectual discussions (is a steelhead on a dryfly better than sex???) and a very pretty river.

Hope to make it back again before the season ends.
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Not even a golden native on my fly?
SOunds like a great day, wish I was there! Plenty of time left and if the run is as late as they say, the best is yet to come.
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ANYTIME in March or April that you can fish the Sauk under good water conditions and not have too much competition for the runs it's a pleasure to fish. It's no fun fishing in bright sunlight, but the occasional steelhead Will take your fly (see Part II of Juro's Steelheading Odyssey, coming soon).

As for the Dry Fly/Sex debate, I'll have to say that getting a Spring Steelhead up to a dry fly would be better than sex (at least sex with anyone you've Already Slept With <g>).

Sure is a nice change from the Sky, eh Sinktip?
I'm not going to comment on this better than sex topic as I think my wife is still reading this! But come to think of it I've heard her say that she is glad that mermaids don't exist... do they?
Not that I'm aware of - then again, I wouldn't mind seeing the CB in a fullbody neoprene wetsuit and fins!
Brian, I recall seeing you checking out GFK in her tight waders.

You haven't seen the CB, so have No Idea how hysterical your comparison is! I mean, we're not even talking the same Genus, let alone the same Species!
Actually I think WA just passed a law prohibiting GFK for wearing neopreme.
My dear those neoprenes are flattening! I mean flattering!

On the topic, those curvaceously cut neoprenes with room in all the right places really do complement women FF'ers if you ask me. I guess it's like a golfer saying the LGPA players look hot with baggy polo shirts and those brim headband hat-like things without tops! In the eye of the beholder
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