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rock-em Sauk-em II

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Well after hearing about the beauty and opportunity of fishing the Sauk I just had to jump in Sinktip's raft. The sun of two weeks ago made a few appearances, but the day was characterized by changing weather...wind, rain, sun, rain, get the picture. A very fishy feeling day that found the river clearing as we probed every pocket and run from the Suiattle to the Native Hole.

Our efforts however, were rewarded with experience rather than fish. One thing the day did do was push my stubborn single hand mindset one step closer to the spey. I couldn't help but envy the water Duggan covered effortlessly as I pounded out cast after cast followed by strip-strip-strip! Give me time...

This trip marked the end of an enjoyable and difficult season for me. I look forward to skating flies in summer currents...but for now my mind is drifting to the Deschutes and a "wild and wooley" trip next month.

Fish on!
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