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rivers blown

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When they come down they should be suitable for a Jacques Cousteau episode - "the silver hordes of the northwest".

Maybe I'll fast-forward my visit, when is the front supposed to pass? }>
The rivers are starting to drop now. Storm is over. I hope the rivers are clear this weekend. Fishing should be outstanding.

Juro, you will love Safeco Field. Wish I could make it that weekend. Wife will be in Hawaii Sept. 10 through the 16th. I wili be spending as much time on the rivers as possible during that time. Short term bachelor hood. Can't wait. Greasy hamburger joints and sleeping along side rivers. No shaving or showers required.
rivers blown/// but not "down south."

I hear ya Bro! When wife's away Fred Will Play. Joan's a travel guide so she's in Europe between 3 and 4 months a year (month here, month there). Found that Doggie is happy if I take her with me; cat's don't care if the food bowl is full. Within a 60 minute drive I've got almost 60 miles of the upper Rogue at my door step ....

And everybody wonders why I look so tired all the time. On the river at 6am, off at 8am, at work by 830. Skip lunch and pull at 430'ish, on river by shortly after 5, leave at dark. Darn, I gotta check and see when Joan's headed over the North Pole again.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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