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Rip Trip

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Sorry about the delay.. I will call Keith Tommorrow and it looks like we should schedule two rip trips for Sunday, June30 and Monday, July 1. I can not participate on Sunday since I will be at the Golf Tourney on Sunday up here... but will be there on Monday.. I will start the sign up sheet after I can confirm with Keith that he can do it. I will also speak with Juro and maybe we need to do another date also since it seems we have an incredible overflow. Just bear with me.
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I will be e-mailing ..
Thanks John -

I remember how Rip Trip I came about last year. I'd hound Keith to do this trip, and he would say "... between you and the other guy who keeps asking me over and over, we just might get it done. Say why don't you guys ever talk to each other?"

I thought hmmm.... might be a good idea. I asked "OK who is this other guy?" and he said something like "a Chatham regular who rides the Rip Ryder every weekend... his name is John, John Morin".

I smiled and said "we've met"... and the rest is history. ;-)
Yes... and I am originally thinking who is this guy "Geerrue"... never putting together it was "Juro" the guy I swapped flies with 5 years ago at the light house and who I kept bumping into at shows and other fishing locations.
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