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RIO AquaLux

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I don't want to rehash the old "clear intermediate line" thread, I'm just looking for any opinions on the RIO AquaLux Striper Line.

It's clear, with a nylon monofilament single strand core, and an intriguing luminescent glow in the dark section.

They tout it as designed for beach and stripping basket fishing, blah blah blah........


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Sounds like it's worth investigating, for sure - I will call the Rio rep (Bill) and see if he would like to support our "research" in exchange for a full written report on what we think.

Mark, if he agrees will you do the first honors on the testing? (no promises but we'll see)
I picked up an 11 weight aqualux out on MV this fall around the end of september and after a long weekend in mv, a week at cape lookout, and 2 weeks in costa rica it's starting to crack in the running line already. I have fished this line hard but it's really only seen probably 20 days on the water and was always rinsed after use.

It's possible that i just got a bad line, as i've had no problem with my rio deepsee line cracking, but i think my next clear intermediate will probably have to be an airflo, since the aqualux was replacing my 2nd cracked SA clear intermediate.

Matt- I have tried the Airflo and find it always feels dirty during the warmer months here in the NE. I have the Striper line by Sciangler and have only had trouble with one of the cold water lines cracking and it was replaced promptly. The head length on the Airflo is slightly longer than that of the Sciangler line also which poses a problem when surf fishing- I keep catching the wave that went by me. The running line on the Ariflo isn't as small as that on the Sciangler which might be part of my trouble. Just my $.02. ronl

If you want a true layman's opinion you've come to the right person. I fear that I lack the requisite experience to articulate a truly informed opinion, but I'm game to give it a try.

Obviously, I hold you to nothing regarding the access to free line. If it happens, then, it happens; I'll do my part in reviewing it.

Thanks for the offer.

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