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Rhody Early Bird - Directions

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Meet at 8:00AM Saturday, April 21 at Barrington, RI public bus transportation lot, which is next to the White Church.

Directions are:
From 95 south from Boston

Rte 95 south to Providence, stay in left lane past city, proceed to Rte 195 east.
Proceed about 3 miles, take exit #7 (Rte 114) bear right at top of exit
About five miles, Rte 114 narrows to two lanes from a divided highway.
At the light (intersection of Rte 114 and Massasoit Ave there is a White Church. The public transportation park and bus stop is several hundred feet past the church.

Directions from Rte 195 west (If you come by Rte 24 from Fall River):

Exit #1 on the MA border in Seekonk.
Take left at the end of exit.
Travel one mile to main intersection of Rte #6 (Highland Ave) Go thru intersection turning left.
Take next right (Mink St., there will be a TGIF restaurant before the turn.
Follow to next light set of lights (intersection of Rte #114 and #114A)
Turn left heading south on Rte 114.
About five miles, Rte 114 narrows to two lanes from a divided highway.
At the light (intersection of Rte 114 and Massasoit Ave there is a White Church. The public transportation park and bus stop is several hundred feet past the church.

We plan first fishing Colt State Park in Bristol. If your late for our meeting place, just continue along Rte #114, thru Barrington, Warren, into Bristol. Colt Park will be signed on the right hand side about 8 miles to the entrance. Enter the park and travel along the road till you reach the bay. Right before the bridge there is a parking area. We will be fishing the outflow of the bridge.

If you do get lost, need directions, or are trying to locate us, you can call any one of us on the cell access list for directions.
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Thanks Art!

Anyone that wants to ride down with me, I'll be leaving from the south shore of Boston, I'd be more than happy to have you along BUT, I am probably leaving between 1 -2:00.

I am currently in a three way this weekend - Cape with family, sister's going away party (moving to the west coast), and the early bird. Let's see... if I can convince my entire family to have the party in Newport, I can hit the early bird and be back at the cottage by dinner... ???
I'm pretty sure I WILL be able to make it!

Should we exchange Cell Phone #'s Via Email?
If you have a cell phone number e-mail me privately. I will do a group private e-mail Friday evening to all those that respond. Even if you have no cell phone and you are coming Saturday, e-mail me the same. You will still be able to keep in touch with us by getting the phone list and using a public phone.

Friday at 7:00 pm, I will compile the list and do a group e-mail.


[email protected]
artb- I'll try and make it, but since I know how to get to Colt Park I'll meet you guys there. I just hope the fish are more cooperative than they have been on the Cole River. Not alot of bait there or at the Bristol Narrows, but I did see some shrimp(finally) at the north end of the Kickemuit River this evening just before the turn of the tide. Do you have any idea where you'll be going if the Park fails? ron
Ron, It would be good to see you there. I can only say that Ray, and I are really trying call in some bass. What we are hoping for is 3 warm days. Saturday we should find some fish again somewhere in east bay. Ray only gets skunked when we go in a snowstorm. Ray is going to have a cell phone list, If you are going to be around call one of us.
Just wanted to wish you guys the best for Saturday!

I was doing mental calculations on maybe passing by on the way back from the KenMeister session in Duxbury - got to get past RI to get home to CT somehow - but figure you'll be done before late afternoon - hopefully fished out, exhausted, arms burning, tales to tell....can't wait to hear the reports and see the pics!
Well, I will have to miss this one... Hope everyone has a great time and get those casting arms in shape for the season. I will look for most of you at the spring clave down the Cape. I may check out Whites on Sunday Morning so I may see some of the crew there.
Good luck everyone, I'll be thinking of you as I'm stuck on my ladder painting my house. However, I'd rather suck it up now than over the next month of blitzs everywhere on the Cape.
Well. It looks like I'm not going to be able to make it after all, good luck to all. I can't wait to see the pictures!

The private e-mail list of cell phone numbers who reponded was just sent out at 6:00 pm @ Friday. The following name were attached:
Peter Jenkins
Dave Pritchard
Jeff Borkowski
Greg O.
Chris DeLisle
Nick Svencer
Jeff Roop
Ray Stachelek

If you get lost or need directions, call Ray Stachelek? The others might be unfamiliar with Rhode Island locations.

Peter Jenkins of Saltwater Edge will have some goodies he'll bring with him along with some charts of the area.

Helpful Hints:
Need waders, stripping basket, intermediate line and optional sink line might be helpful.

Flies: Spring selections in various sizes, bucktails, Clouser, Capt. Ray's Angel Hair flies.

Others: Camera, beverage, snacks and sandwiches. Plenty of fast food places along the way.
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Boy sounds like a nice crew, great to see Jenks is going to make it too! Hmmm.... maybe if I leave Dennisport early to get coffee and donuts and run to Bristol for say... 8 hours....

Naw, I'd better wait until I get the cap on the bed of my pickup truck - so I will have somewhere to sleep when I get back! ;-)

Hope you guys have an awesome day, but that's kind of a given.
Just thought of a name for my soon-to-be cap (Leer, Snugtop, etc)...


Art and I had a premo' spot all steaked (premium beef) out for ya! We call it the "Honey Hole" Dead drift that olive clouser.... It's the only location where you can get the fly down to their noses. All the rest of us will miss the mark. Too bad! Can't let Jenks know about it. He'll have half his guides anchoring up on a dropping tide.

Weather was unco-operative this week. Wednesday and Thursday was a wash. Friday's weather might inprove the fishing conditons as well as Saturday. Lets keep our fingers crossed.
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