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Rhode Island Forecast

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Location: Narragansett Bay, Rhode Island

Fly skipper, Capt Ray Stachelek reports-

Small harbor blues to three pounds are present in the upper bay north of
Providence Point. Ohio Ledge has been the most consistent area. Use that as your springboard to start and work from there. These schools of blues tend to break up as the day goes by.
Boat traffic and their marauding nature; break up schools of bait.

Bass in the four to ten pound class have been located closer to shore. Warren and the Barrington Rivers have yielded its share of
schoolies. Weather this week has again controlled the fishing with all the rain. Best bet this weekend would be to hang around the flats and bars of out flows of herring runs. These shallow areas produce quite well. Most of the streams and fresh water rivers have risen to crested heights again, releasing small fry herring and glass minnows to the bay. There have also been small amounts of spent bloodworms hanging around. The worms diffently change the attitude and behavior of stripers. So that's were your going to find the bass action this weekend in Narragansett Bay.
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