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Rhode Island Casting Clinic

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Rhody Fly Rodders Casting Clinic will be held rain or shine on April 7,2001, at Lincoln Woods State Park right off of Route 146 in Lincoln, RI. Help will be provided to those the want it. Come down and try casting with outfits from 5 to 9, or bring your own rod. This is one of RI's stocked trout ponds, a week before the season is open. Ray is going to show how to catch a trout on a bit of yarn with no hooks, as no hooks are allowed. Come on down and have some fun! Coffee and donuts will be provided by the club.
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Nate and others who are interested.

Hours 9:00am - 1:00pm. Rain or shine!
Can I cast my, "Bazooka Bubble Gum Fly"?

Could probably kick your lame, "Yarn Flies" butt if I drive down in my vette.
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Yah! don't tell me Dick Sloggett is going to spew his wisdom on this site too?

If this is really you Sully and not alas "Got any gum on your D***"

<b>BRING IT ON!</b> Don't wimp out! You don't even need a RI licence to take part in this clinic.
Wow... I thought for a second I was on the other board.
Hi Ray,

Just goofin. ;)

The bubble gum reference was to information that Eric L. posted on another site about carbohydates and sugar being the early season trout attractor, because it's in the hatchery feed.

The kickin butt comment (lame attempt at humor) was just old fashion case of hoof in mouth disease. If there is any chance I can make it I will.
For those of us who don't get around much, directions from 95 south??? Thanx.
To DFIX, and anyone else that might attend the RI Casting Clinic. Take exit 3 (rt123) off 95, go west, till you go past rt126 on 123. Take the road that says Lincoln Woods, and go to the Frank Moody State Beach, which is on the southwest corner of Olney Pond. Hope to see some of you there.
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