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I am selling a used Ross Gunnison-4 and spare spool, both in EX+ condition. Both were purchased new in 1999 and fished very lightly (less than 10 times).

In fact, the 7wt line and backing on both the reel and the spool have only been fished 4 times. My original line choices were not to my liking so I replaced them last year.

There is 20-lb. backing on the reel and the extra spool. In the picture the reel has an Airflo multi-tip floating line on it as well. The Airflo wallet holds 4 added 12' tip sections; a floating section, an intermediate (clear) section, a fast full sink section and an ultra fast sink section. The extra spool has a full sink Wulff triangle taper line on it.

The retail value of all items pictured is $502 without tax. The reel retails for $235 and the spool is $97. The Airflo system is $115 and the Wulff line cost $55.

I am looking to recoup $350(including shipping) for the purchase of a new Ross Canyon wide arbor 9-11wt reel.

You would be hard pressed to determine that this reel and spool were not brand new. I babied them more than I would care to explain. I also didn’t get to fish as much as I would have liked to due to the birth of my first child.

The reel also has a sealed; virtually maintenance free drag system that is tailor made for salt-water angling." border="0">

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