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Redington LA for Spey rods?

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Wonder if the new Redington LA reels are being considered for Spey reels at a great price? Jay C. just loaded one up with a Rio line for his 8150-4 Sage. It was the cat's behind in black with the large arbor in size 13/14. Now that Lamson's Spey is discontinued by WW, this is an even more affordable alternative with the same working man's price.

Any opinions from the PNW?
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I drooled on the one i saw (in gold) and was absolutely stunned at the under $200 tag. And the disc drag is supposted to be able to stop an elephant. The one outstanding question I have is the *sound* - does it have an outgoing click and silent on the retrieve? Many SW reels I've looked at recently (Pirana comes to mind) are wonderful reels but have Incoming clicks and are silent going out. This is unacceptable for my steelhead reels.

Anybody know the scoop on the Redingtons?
Just to give you an answer to your question on the Redington reel. The reel has a click outgoing and a soft click incoming as well. I am putting a 13/14
on a spey rod for this spring, so I haven't fished the reel yet. More later.

Jay C.
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