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R.I. vs. Cape

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I realize it's complete preference and driving distance, but any thoughts on where to hit this Sun. It sounds like fish are scattered throughout. No matter where I go I know I won't be dissapointed. I was thinking of starting near Poppy on the southwest side of the beach. I believe some people refer to this as the death march to the outlet of the Hamlin Pond area.
Any thoughts Mr. Pink?
Feel free to e-mail me directly.
Looking forward to the clave.
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I don't know exactly where but I'll be on the Cape Sunday. It depends on what my Saturday experiences are like. There were a lot of blues caught off South Cape Beach yesterday evening.
Hopefully we can catch up on Sun. A.M.
We'll probably start sunrise @ South Cape Beach and work our way south on the cape chasing our finned friends if need be.
My cell is: 617-957-8636
Drop me a line!
I don't think my fiance would appreciate me fishing over our Pre-Cana on Saturay!!!!!!
Good Luck
We will have a Saturday report for you guys who can fenagle a Mother's Day on the water. John Morin and I and whoever is on the Saturday roster will probably be investigating the bathtub per Keith's reports. It'll be nice to my first punch on a new frequent flyer card with the NEW Rip Ryder (I lost the partial from last year). John are we still thinking bathtub for the weekend? If time allows I might try to squeeze in an exploratory 4x4 run down to Chatham Inlet via Nauset Beach.

I was thinking about the blues situation, there are outlets in the South Beach area that the squid come in tight to in the evening where I have landed some slammers on flies in the past. Might help battle the reach problem?
Juro.. I think the Bath Tub will be a must this Saturday. Maybe Morris Island and I would make a stop at Hardings for Blues. What time are you showng up. Friday eve or Saturday am?
It's looking good for a Fri PM sortie w/ Sat AM scouting. Gotta get home Sat afternoon though. How about a seeking out a little refuge this evening?
Sounds Excellent. I will be leaving Boston around 7.. so I will not get to the Cape until 9 tonight. But ,If you are there sooner I can meet you at the refuge, or you should leave a note at my place.. I will plan on you crashing at my place and we can also head out real early on Saturday Morning. How does Fillet Mignon ,corn and potatoes sound like late Friday night when we would get back. If we don't get to the Squire.
John -

The Chatham Angler's Club dinner menu is sounding very savory. Since you are getting in late dinner's on me! I have a few more checkpoints to pass and I should be good to go for this evening.

Anyone else on the scout squad for the morning, let us know.

Roop - you're wise putting in the bonus points now because things could easily get out of control starting next weekend!
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