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Quick synopsis - Marlboro Show

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I broke away to cast the new T&T 12x12. It was loaded with a 400 grain short head that Nick Curcione likes, which shot out there like a rocket but didn't let one feel the character of the rod when rolling or Spey casting (testing purposes). Tom Dorsey and Nick were back there at the booth preparing an assortment of lines for people to try on it so I must have jumped the gun a bit... have to go back" border="0" align="middle">

LOTS of people there for a friday. I suppose today and tomorrow will be even crazier!

Bob Pink's flies were a hot item on the raffle board, as was a hand-held waterproof GPS I donated to the cause. Bruce Peter's full day trip was smokin' on the raffle menu, and Art's classic print brought an upper echalon item to our humble booth.

John Morin, Bob Pink, Pete Gray, Nate Smith, Brian Zinc, Dave Pearson, and other members sat in for me as I caught a few glimpses of the show or heeded the call of nature (getting espresso <img src=" I'll have to admit I was trashed by the end of hte day and without members helping me out I would be in intensive care right now. My utmost gratitude guys!

The show seems very well represented. There is a lot of energy and I my biggest pleasure is to put so many faces to names!

Brendan O'Brien came by to show his support and left with one of our swanky custom embroidered fishing hats. Thanks Brendan it was awesome to see you again and let us know when the CCA banquet will be this year.

To all you lurkers out there - thanks for coming by to shake hands! I'm really surprised how many come "out of the closet" as they say, meaning no disrespect whatsoever. It was truly a pleasure to meet you all.

I also had the priviledge to meet Eddie and his wonderful bride who is out from the Bay area (California!) face to face at the show! Eddie as you know has been our staple Bay area contact and will be moving to the New England area soon coincidentally! Add another enthusiast to the conclave roster!

Well, I am sure there will be many more reports coming from the members who hung out yesterday at "their" booth... but I gotta go print more business cards before the doors open this morning! No rest for the weary, sorry about the low posts but I think we're all focused on the thing that generates almost as much interest as a pounding striper blitz... a late winter fly show.

See you all there, and I am anxious to hear all your reports!
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Well some observations from another perspective;
We all should be grateful that Juro's got the commitment to see this type of thing through. I've worked these type trade shows myself for years and the stamina need to get through setup, the show and the final knockdown is not to be underestimated. Having been able to be an observer at the booth for a while on Saturday it was really impressive the amount of traffic Juro's 'presentation' brought in. John Morin and Grego did a nice job today of communicating the message while Juro took a breather.
Juro, thanks again for the chance to hang out there today but more importantly thanks for keeping the fire burning.

If any of you (us!) out there are planning to stop by on Sunday, take a few minutes and talk with folks that come by the booth. It will be an eye-opener.
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it was great to see so many familiar faces at the show. got to talk to a bunch of people from the board and ran into about a dozen guys from my fly-tying club. I had a great time, and spent twice what I planned.(I hate when that happens) I got a chance to meet the lovely and talented Ms. Pink(Bob's 10 yr old daughter) she is a great tyer, like her dad.
P.S. hey Juro,I wanted to buy 2 more raffle ticket, but every time I came over you were tied up. I want one for Bob's flies and the Bruce Peters charter. how do we deal with that paypal thingie???? ;) Tom D
Juro did a great job as I kept sneaking off. I am not sure he got the cards,but on second thought I should have left for them earlier. However, in Juro's absense I did get the message out to those who did stop by and the booth did have a crowd infront as this morning went by. It was really nice to see Bob Pink coaching his daughter and I'm sure she will always remember those times with dad. I certainaly have those memories when my father used to take me to the old Boston Sportsman Show where we watched Ted Williams and Jack Sharkey cast flyrods. Anyway.. Juro was really dragging when I left around noon. I hope he makes it though tomorrow but with a little help I'm sure he will. I think there will be more participation on the board as as result of this exposure. See everyone at the tying clave next weekend.
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I think that the booth was a great Idea. We did not have the biggest or flashiest set up, but there was still a lot of interest. I think that the mock board on the projection screen was a big draw, especially when we displayed pictures of Blitzing Fish & Bent Rods. The other big draw was the Raffles. The display of 40+ "Proven Striper Flies" from Bob Pink Jr. (+ daughter) drew a lot of people in for a look-see. While Juro was on the hunt for more cards, I manned the booth & talked to a lot of people. I spent quite a bit of time talking to a guy that was just getting into SWFF & seemed quite overwhelmed. I explained to him that I have only been SWFFing for two season & that the WWW has been a great resourse & of course invited him to visit our Forum. Building & maintianing our base of experperts, intermediates & beginners should be part of our (should I say it?) "Mission Statement"
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I enjoyed helping man the booth as well (that's right guys I wasn't standing there with my thumb up my butt). There were some in depth issues that needed addressing just as much as shouting the gospel of the forum from the rooftops. When the "Fishing in Ireland" presentation came up, I beat feet but the booth was in quite capable hands by then and the traffic was low.

The talk on Ireland needs a seperate post. Good things in conservation and stocks.

Also I bought a Sage DS-2, (thanks for the tip Al) 4 piece 6 wt. Yeeehaaa.

Terry -

Au contrare friend, your efforts around the booth were very important and if anything I was the one with my thumbs out of sight.

I think the Irish topic deserves it's own page in Destinations, how about you? Help me with content and I will gladly put the page together with you, Mylo, and perhaps even get some help from your new friends from the show. Mylo has submitted some material already and I expect some fine writing from Philip Blair to arrive soon. Thoughts?
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