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Puerto Rico Trip Report

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Weather has been great since I arrived here on the 25th - it does rain here, but usually it is a light drizzle and it only last 10-15 minutes.

Well, finally my son Brett and I hit the lagoons for Tarpon this morning with Capt. Ormar Orraca - and I'll tell you what - this guy is first class (Note: Steve Moore - thanks for recommending Capt. Omar, you were right on with him). Hit the water at 6:00 this morning and we were into fish by 6:45. What a sight to see schools of these tarpon porpoising after bait. I lost my first Tarpon on a fly rod after the first leap - Capt. Omar said it probably was about 30 lbs. I tell ya - when it first broke water about 7 feet from the boat, my heart was pumping so fast I had no idea how big it was. My son hooked a 30 pounder and lost him after the first jump - in both cases neither one of us broke the line, it was a matter of not getting the hook set hard enough. Well next, all hell broke loose, my son hooked into a fish and all of a sudden this Tarpon came out of the water about 12' off the boat - all 5-1/2 feet of him. This is when teh Capt. said - "we are in trouble!". I had to say - "what do you mean", and he proceed to tell me that he could tell this fish had an attitude, and all 90+ pounds of him didn't want to be hooked. And then he proceeded to tell both of us, he had wanted to wished he had given my son a rod with 12 pound test line, but had given him one with 8 lb. test. Well, to make a long story shorter than this one's going, one and one half hours later the line went slack. It seems after two jumps (completely out of the water), and seven rolling boils, at least 20 runs of 150 feet, and plenty of chasing, the line had broke above the leader.

This gets even better - Capt. Omar says that a fish this size, which he has been trying to catch, is a World Record on 12 pound test line. Had my son been able to bring it into the boat, he could have had the 8 pound test World Record for Tarpon.

Well - we're going again tomorrow, so I'll do another post tomorrow. Brett's in bed early tonight - resting his sore arms. Boy - talk about a great moment - the look on his face was worth a million bucks. I also have pictures, and I'll get with Juro to help me get them posted when I get them back. I think I may have gotten one with that monster on his second jump - not sure how they came out, as the adrenaline was pumping!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Brett and Dave
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What a story! The boys and I are green with envy!!
We hope to "hook up" with you and Brett again this coming season.
Have a great vacation! ( And it sounds like you obviously already have!)
Doug B.
AWESOME! Your story has me gripping the keyboard. I'm convinced that my son and I *need* to go do that together. This is really a trip of a lifetime, something you guys will look back on and talk excitedly about many years down the road, maybe even with the grandchildren.

Looking forward to chapter II!
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I agree, even my boys are still talking about our fishing in the Bahamas this past week, even with all the rageing hormones, the fishing memories are on the forfront of their description of the vacation to their friends.. I must conclude that for me.."mission Accomplished".
Glad to hear you're into them. I can honestly say there's nothing I've seen that compares to the sight I saw of a huge school of 50-100 pound of tarpon tearing up the water like a bluefish frenzy in the back of one of those lagoons in San Juan.

If anyone else has the chance to fish the lagoons with Omar, you should take advantage of it. he is a true pleasure to fish with and the winter tarpon fishery can be outstanding. Plus, San Juan is easily accessible from Boston and is also reasonably priced.

Please tell Omar and Fabiola I say hello.
I don't know whether they are accessable today, but I was stationed at the old naval station in old San Juan back in 1953 & 54 had fun with tarponright on the base. I forgot whether there was 2 or 3 seaplane ramps at the station had a lot of fun with my Heddon Riptide, which was one of the first fly rods made for salt water use. Glad your having fun Dave maybe see you in RI when you get back, good luck.
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