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Prawn and Shrimp imitations??

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Hey . . I'm curious. I've had a chance to look in our esteemed host's fly box a couple times and have noticed that he ties an especially innovative shrimp pattern (Sinktip - I sure one of these will be included in your dozen <g>).

Now to my question - do you fish 'em? Do you tie your own variations or stick to the standard patterns (General Practitioner, Squamish Poacher, Sauk River Shrimp, etc)?

I'm just curious, as I really like my black mariobou GPs (major confidence fly) and am currently experimenting with my own version of the Sauk River Shrimp with white yarn, salmon hackle, pink/white diamond braid.

Good Fishing!

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Brother Brian,

You know how I feel about my G.P.'s. There are virtually 3 patterns in my fly box - Black Marabou G.P.'s, Purple/Black Marabou G.P.'s and Orange G.P.'s. You have seen my Pecarry version of the Marabou G.P., but until recently my Orange G.P.'s were the Sean's Prawn version. I'm now working on a marabou version of mixed marabou in orange and red - its looking good. I much prefer the apparent bulk and action of marabou in the water over the standard tie. I also use Wooley Bugger Marabou to tie these flies - its cheaper and has plenty of length for the relatively short wings.

I also believe in tinkering with, and combining patterns and styles. Another recent variation borrows from your "Rat" and my subsequent "Chest Beast". It is in essence the zonker strip rat-tail with a Marabou G.P. style wing and body. This is a scary looking fly with a great silhouette and movement - I think it will, in the black/purple version be my "first light" fly of choice on the Thompson next fall - not to mention a good call on the Skagit this spring!

Tight lines - tyler
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I do love to tinker, scheme and plan so as to entice the wily steelhead. However, in the back of my mind I have this nagging feeling that a hunk of yarn knotted to a bait hook would probably be just as acceptable to a steelhead in the mood to take. That said, I know I will continue to search for the killer pattern - 'cause once I catch that lightening in a bottle I will positively SLAY them! Tight lines-tyler.
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