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Prawn and Shrimp imitations??

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Hey . . I'm curious. I've had a chance to look in our esteemed host's fly box a couple times and have noticed that he ties an especially innovative shrimp pattern (Sinktip - I sure one of these will be included in your dozen <g>).

Now to my question - do you fish 'em? Do you tie your own variations or stick to the standard patterns (General Practitioner, Squamish Poacher, Sauk River Shrimp, etc)?

I'm just curious, as I really like my black mariobou GPs (major confidence fly) and am currently experimenting with my own version of the Sauk River Shrimp with white yarn, salmon hackle, pink/white diamond braid.

Good Fishing!

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"It is good to remember there will be a lot more steelehead caught on a piece of yarn than on all the fancies flies ever fished." -- Roderick Haig-Brown

As much as I hate to believe this, it is probably sadly true. But since I see no satisfaction in spending my non-fishing moments simply lashing yarn to a hook, I will keep tieing, tinkering and searching for that pattern that will prove irresistable to the wiley steelhead. And even if I never find it, I will settle for one or two that makes me confident that a fish will take it. After all, isn't that half the battle? Besides, my three year old son has recently taken up tieing with his dad and that is too cool. It does make for some interesting patterns though :)
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