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Prawn and Shrimp imitations??

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Hey . . I'm curious. I've had a chance to look in our esteemed host's fly box a couple times and have noticed that he ties an especially innovative shrimp pattern (Sinktip - I sure one of these will be included in your dozen <g>).

Now to my question - do you fish 'em? Do you tie your own variations or stick to the standard patterns (General Practitioner, Squamish Poacher, Sauk River Shrimp, etc)?

I'm just curious, as I really like my black mariobou GPs (major confidence fly) and am currently experimenting with my own version of the Sauk River Shrimp with white yarn, salmon hackle, pink/white diamond braid.

Good Fishing!

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from what I've read Ed's vest is even more impressive than his fly box. Rumor has it he'll fish a theory for much of a season if successful then he stores it away in his pockets. Makes for a 30lb vest and all the gear you could ever want.
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