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Powell rod demo day 6/16

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My friend Ed who is a is a Powell rep. is going to do a demo day from 6am till noon. he'll have rods from 7-12wt 4 and 5 pc. he'll have 6 rods set up to use. you'll have to leave your rod or license as collateral while using the rod. he'll have free flies to give out as well(he's an amazing tier). he is thinking of doing it at Scorton's but I'm not sure if another spot might be better... any feedback? Tom D
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Tom, Please count me in... I have always been interested in Powell rods but there were no places here to buy one or try one out. I know they have a great rep on the cane rods. But I could never figure out why they did not market there rods here on the east coast. When is this scheduled.. Please let me know... Do you know where they may be eventually sold around here.
I would suggest a day at Plum Island / Joppa; then a day split at the lighthouse before 9:30am then on South Beach on the Rip Ryder set up at the drop-off point with a cooler and cold drinks to boot. Feel free to forward my contact info if he'd like to work together on this event for promotion, announcement, etc.

Scorton's kind of a beginner hole IMHO.
Juro, Ed would like to get in touch with you, his email is [email protected] Tom D
I just talked to ed, the demo day will definately be on sat 6-12. rain date on the following sat. if not at Scorton's I'll let you know where(I'll post directions). by the way, anyone not familiar with Powell rod, they are one of the top makers in the west. they are starting to open the market here. Tom D
John, I think the 1st place may be in the Bear's Den in Taunton, but he's not sure at this point. Tom
tomd (06-10-2001 09:08 a.m.):
Juro, Ed would like to get in touch with you, his email is [email protected] Tom D
Thanks Tom, I will drop him a line. BTW - Powell rods indeed are very popular around other parts of the country and are known as some of the finest rods made. Glad to hear that we'll be seeing more on the right-hand coast.
well it looks like mother nature will provide a wonderful day. Ed just received more rods for the demo so it should be even better. I may even show up for a few hours as well. Tom D
Sounds great, it's generous of them to do this.

I hope they will do it again in other locations.

Tom... will it be Scortons? Will you post directions? and confirm the time, Thanks
sorry about the lack of directions, I didn't see your posts John, he'll do another in a few weeks for those that didn't make it. also Scotty at the Bear's Den can now order Powells. Tom D
Thanks Tom, it was great talking to Ed the other day! My kind of guy, talk about being passionate about the sport. Can't wait to try some of those rods out.

Please extend my thanks and well wishes for his family if you talk to him before I do.
My great grandmother was a Powell!
Trivia fact #2: Bill Downing's flyrod is an old Powell, glass I think. He showed it to me at PI (No. Shore mecca that blows away the Cape). Never knew about them. What's the pricing structure?

it is a top end rod, so I'd guess it's right up there with Sage,T+T, and Loomis. The Bear's Den in Taunton can order them now, so you might give em a call for specifics. Ed said he'll run another demo day and maybe hit the north shore the time after that. he gave a 10% discount to those that ordered after the other demo,so it's worth the time to go. Tom D
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