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post-partem depression -or- OP pursuit?

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So how was the weekend... anything big chrome and beautiful to talk about?
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Sorry, went to Pass Lake. No steelhead, just a few triploids. Fished with a 3 wt. trying to enhance the experience. Sad.
Sorry, I was out chasing silvers off the Narrows beach with a 11' 6wt 1 1/2hand rod <g>. Nothing except a beautiful morning to show for it - I had to leave around 1pm, but my friends got into some nice searuns (biggest was 19" but skinney) at another beach later in the afternoon.

The Green's so low you can walk across it, and the recent stories I've heard from the OP (cluster#%#*) have all told of very low water and LOTS of people.

Guess it's time to tie some more flies!
Low water in March... Boulder garden below the salmon hatchery on the Elwha, tight to the far bank, apple orchard tailout, or the run above the bridge - sure to be holding some fish right now. Remember that first hole with the kings and chromer summer fish? I wonder what's sitting in there today.

How bout' those big mondo Duc' pools where I wished I didn't bring the damn 7136-4 for that nate? Never mind that would be a driftboat parade... unless you hit it first light. Or even lower where one could cross above the pool to fish the tail out bend, yah shuwah if it's that low. Down further where you need a compass to find the road where the plunker's keep it simple and the water is 'bright'. Very few float past the lower take out on the Hoh and that first pool from tidewater where they were bonkin' em fishing roe last spring. They have to be in tidewater, at least. The first long-term pools from tidewater must be holding some big nates. Call me a dreamer but I can see their ghostly forms in my minds eye. I've almost talked myself into a trip thinking about it.

You mention the Green - is the Green open? Down thru Auburn across from the apartment side at the slab hole after the next freshet, depending on the bar structure lower golf course pool, beer bottle beach (floater with a stout wet fly there or short type II tip), etc. I used to float the bronco from up inside the park down to Whitney Bridge, you'd see a ton of fish. If the Auburn valley stretch is open, a hike into strawberry farms would be in order right about now. They make it to that point no matter what happens. There must be a ton of winter fish brooding up at Headworks Dam... and visible too. Practice for the Kalama, there will be fish up there for sure, a mix of nates and hatchery.

How about the Carbon? There is only really one hole worth hitting in low water, but everything coming through will stop there and it's a great nate stream.

Upper Puyallup? If it's low, that's often clear - and with a fort pass you can float some incredible water with good nate populations. I could be out of date but that was a big native stream several years ago. I don't think they've disappeared.

The Columbia tribs? Might be an opportunity for unconventional thinking to uncover new fisheries and approaches... if nothing else, you're lucky to have spring in the pacific northwest!

<font size="1">(thanks for the chance to reminisce!)</font><!--1-->
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OK, Juro . . I'll Play!

The Puyallup/Carbon are closed. The Elwah closed Feb 28. The Green will close in two days.

HOWEVER . . . you've really got me thinking (OK then, Daydreaming) of big silver nates on the Hoh and Sol Duc again. With this low water, the wading angler has an additional advantage in many areas with the ability to cross the river when necessary. I may just have to readjust my schedule to allow for a quick trip over there!
Well I am in the same predicament (sp?).

Yesterday I spent at Kayak Pt. fishing for sea-runs. Nothing, no bait, no birds, very little sign of fish. A freind of mine did very well there though last weekend managing to catch sea-runs, dollies, coho and blackmouth.

Spring break begins on Friday for me and I am starting to rethink the Coast. I have been wondering about heading over to E. Washington but I prefer the Okanogan (sp?) lakes over the desert lakes and those dont open up untill next month.
...but things are looking up as we are expecting some fronts to move through and provide us with a little rain so most likely it will be the Upper Hoko and the Queets/Clearwater for me over a few days next week. Anyone want to join in?...Im flying solo.
Also anyone fished any of the lakes since the opener?...anyone heading over there?
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I floated the Clackamas on Sunday low and clear. Swinging a sparse tube I was rewarded with one good grab and one maybe. Gin and dry, without the olive could be the phrase of the season. To give you an idea the Cow is at 10.04 the EFL at 319 cfs. I've heard of algae sightings in the shallows, algae growing in March.

While the fabulious weather provides the opportunity to swing a dry line. When the summmer like weather has warmed the normally fridged waters to the mid to upper 40's is a reality. However, swinging light tips grants greater opportunity for lighting to strike. But, hey it is only March, early March at that.

Looking out a little farther I'm wondering about the Deschutes during the summer. What will happen to the White will it be out all summmer? If this summer is a hot one the temps in the lower river may be lethal.

I've got a couple of section that I want to fish this year on the grand Mac daddy of all steelhead and salmon rivers. The Columbia, the low water might actually let me get to a spot I've been eye balling for five years during the lowe winter flows. July swing a two hander on the Big C that should get some looks from the boaters.

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