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Poppy and Plymouth

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My brother and I made a trip today to poppy. We arrived sometime around noon to a gorgeous day with a fair breeze blowing from the south. There was too much weed in the water on the outside so we spent our time on the inside and worked our way out to the point and back. Mike has got some kind of carpal tunnel thing going on with his hand so he was spin fishing with jigs while I used a variety of clousers, a new squid pattern I had cooked up over the winter and a gurgler just for grins. Neither of us had even a bump for our efforts. There were about 20 squidders working the waters up to the Bass River.

We stopped by the canal on the way back and saw the herring run was in full swing. We met a guy who had also fished poppy earlier in the day and he reported his group had many hookups but the action died when the sun hit the water.

One final stop at the Plymouth power plant gave us the same results as poppy. They are doing some kind of maintenance at the plant so the warm water outflow has been shut off.

Next weekend is a no fishing weekend for me so its sure to explode! :)
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